The Bug Catching Contest is a competition which takes place on specific days of the week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). The player participates with only one Pokémon (the others are left with the Contest Helper) and the goal is to catch a Bug-type Pokémon. By default, the player receives 20 Sport Balls and has 20 minutes time. The person who gets the strongest Bug-type Pokémon is the winner of the contest.

Bug Contest Menu

The Bug Catching Contest Menu.

Setting Bug Catching Contest for a map

There are already example maps with functioning bug contest scripts which are explained in detail. If you want to use your own bug catching contest map, you have to do the following:

  • You need at least one event to judge. You can make multiple reception events, but a judge event is necessary. You can copy the judge event and the reception event from the example maps.
  • Use the encounter type BugContest for your contest map. If undefined, "Land" is used instead.
  • Change the following scripts from the contest man events:
Command What it does
pbSetJudgingPoint The place where the winners will be announced. The first parameter is the map of the judging point, the second is the X coordinate and the third is the Y coordinate where the player will stand.
pbSetReception The IDs of maps where receptions for the contest are available. You can type unlimited amount of reception maps, but separate them with commas.
pbSetContestMap The ID of the map where the contest take place.
pbStart The amount of Sport Balls the player receive before the contest starts.

Modyfing Bug Catching Contest

You can change the amount of time the player has in the Settings script. Change the value of BUGCONTESTTIME. Default is 1200 seconds (0=infinite).

In the third page of the judge event, you can change the reward the player can get.

You can also change the days when the contests take place. To do this, create a new global switch named pbIsWeekday(variable,days). The first parameter is the variable where the days are saved. (By default, it is saved in the PField_Time script in $game_variables[wdayVariable] and its ID is 1). You have to type the IDs of the days, when the contest will take place, in the days parameter, separating them with commas. By default, the switch is pbIsWeekday(1,2,4,6). (2 is for Tuesday, 4 for Thursday, and 6 for Saturday.)


  • Other battle systems, EBS for example, might not work with the Bug Catching Contest.