This is a list of older versions of Pokémon Essentials. See Downloads for the newest versions.

Essentials v5

v5 change log
  • Added icons for the player's location and Fly destinations in the Town Map.
  • Centred the Town Map and nest map on the screen, and added a background.
  • Changed the demonstration Pokémon team, and gave them all the moves usable out of battle (except Milk Drink).
  • Animation for using a move out of battle is now shown for all such moves (where appropriate).
  • Added Sunny weather as a definable weather type for a map.
  • Added the ability to set a roaming Pokémon's encounter type (current options: any reasonable, grass only, surfing only).
  • Added def Kernel.pbTransferUnderwater that allows for map transfers while remaining underwater.
  • Allowed the foe's side of field in battle to shift vertically depending on the screen size.
  • Rock Pokémon's Special Defence is now boosted by 50% in sandstorms.
  • Updated the TM/HM list to Gen 5 version, and added compatibilities to "tm.txt".
  • Added new version of the DP font, which includes the space character.
  • Renamed trainer card graphics/background.
  • Decapitalised species names and kinds in "pokemon.txt".
  • Decapitalised trainer types.
  • Added more door charsets.
  • Added new versions of some water-related autotiles (including a new fountain autotile).
  • Added cry file for Shaymin's Sky Forme.
  • A Pokémon's base EXP is now saved in two bytes, thus allowing values above 255.
  • Improved the handling of the screen zoom when starting the game.
  • Options screen now shows only two screen size choices (removed the bordered options), which now depend on the actual screen size.
  • Improved the phone: Registered trainers can now be rebattled, non-trainers can now be registered (Prof. Oak an example), can't call/be called by a contact if they're in a different region.
  • Added dual column functionality to the credits, and added a couple more names.
  • Improved breeding to include a chance of the egg inheriting the mother's hidden ability, and updated odds of Masuda method (parents of different languages are more likely to result in a shiny).
  • Improved the error message involving lines beginning with '('.
  • Added mySQL support.
  • Added ability effects: Anger Point, Defeatist, Flare Boost, Heatproof, Honey Gather, Intimidate (out of battle), Iron Fist, Motor Drive, Quick Feet (out of battle), Rattled, Reckless, Rivalry, Sand Rush, Sand Veil (out of battle), Sap Sipper, Skill Link, Slow Start, Snow Cloak, Snow Warning, Tangled Feet, Toxic Boost.
  • Updated ability effects: Blaze, Magic Bounce (message), Overgrow, Swarm, Torrent.
  • Corrected move effects: Magic Coat (message).
Bug fixes
  • Levelling up in battle no longer may cause some battlers to not gain Exp/gain it repeatedly.
  • Trapping abilities no longer linger after the Pokémon with them faints and isn't replaced.
  • Multi-hit moves that hit 2-5 times now have the correct probabilities for each number of hits.
  • Tweaked calculation of money lost when losing a battle.
  • The Pokédex viability now depends on the National Dex if the Dex depends on location but there isn't a regional Dex associated with the current location.
  • The Pokédex now has the correct seen/owned values if the Dex depends on location but there isn't a regional Dex associated with the current location.
  • Cries are now played when viewing the Pokédex entry screen.
  • Pokédex selection arrows are now white where appropriate.
  • Only trainers that can be rebattled will now ask to be added to the phone after battle.
  • Moves can no longer be used out of battle by eggs.
  • Reflections no longer get dragged by the top of the screen.
  • Added 10 frame pause after playing the "bump into object" sound.
  • Name Rater's event changed to allow the deleting of a nickname.
  • When selling Triple Triad cards, the money box now updates itself.
  • The evolution method "HasInParty" now works.
  • Loading a game that was saved in a dark cave after using Flash now restores the darkness, rather than remove it completely.
  • Font installer now checks the included fonts properly.

Essentials v4

v4 change log
  • Added common setting: Array for custom naming trainers with particular trainer types (e.g. for rivals).
  • Added common setting: Toggle between typing text entry and letter-choosing text entry methods.
  • Added common setting: Toggle between surfacing anywhere and surfacing only where you could dive from above.
  • Added common setting: Whether a move is physical or special can depend on either the move or its type.
  • Added common settings: array of Dex names and the regions they correspond to (affects which nest map is shown), and toggle between location-based and manual chice of Dex list to show.
  • Methods $Trainer.pokedexSeen and $Trainer.pokedexSeen can now return regional values if the region number is the argument (default is the National Dex values as before).
  • Pokédex now only appears in Pause menu if there is at least 1 viable Dex list (i.e. unlocked and contains at least 1 seen species).
  • Added Pokédex list menu screen for choosing which Dex to view, and reskinned Pokédex.
  • Added support for hidden abilities, and included them in pokemon.txt.
  • Added Debug option to change a Pokémon's ability.
  • Tweaked the colours of Spinda's spots.
  • Added support for different movesets for different Pokémon forms.
  • Straightened out existing animations, and added a couple of new ones. Move animations just stretch now, and don't rotate.
  • A move's animation can now depend on which side the user is on.
  • Redrew a couple of maps, removed the default RMXP graphics tileset, and added some new autotiles.
  • Added girl player character charsets, and renamed some pictures in Pictures folder.
  • Trainers can now only be registered in the phone if the player has a Pokégear, and they ask first (and can ask after every battle).
  • After cancelling/failing to use an item on a chosen Pokémon, no longer returns to the Bag automatically.
  • Expanded darkness after using Flash now doesn't disappear until a non-dark map is entered (previously it disappeared when entering any new map).
  • Poké Marts can now sell important items, but you can only buy 1 of each of them, and they disappear from the list afterwards.
  • Overhauled berry planting: graphics are used, growth rates and yield depend on the berry, berries replant themselves a given number of times, etc.
  • Added sooty grass and its collection into the Soot Sack.
  • Terrain tags are now only referred to by name in the scripts, not by number.
  • Compiled item balls won't have "::" before the PBItem anymore.
  • Filled in PBS file "shadowmoves.txt".
  • Removed "Machines" as a property that can be defined for a Pokémon species (it was unused).
  • Party lineup animation at the start of trainer battles now includes a separate ball icon for Pokémon with status problems.
  • Tweaked the positions of a region map's name/point name to not be pushed against the edges.
  • Removed berry tag screen.
  • Added ability effects: Adaptability, Big Pecks, Flame Body (out of battle), Ice Body, Iron Barbs, Justified, Magic Bounce, Magma Armor (out of battle), Quick Feet, Regenerator, Steadfast.
  • Updated ability effects: Minus, Plus, Rough Skin, Effect Spore.
  • Added item effects: All Incense items (breeding-related only).
Bug fixes
  • Can now save changes made to trainer types in External Editor.
  • Caught icon now appears properly in Safari battles, and doesn't cause the game to crash.
  • The graphics of each page of a trainer event can now be changed separately.
  • The trainer comment "VanishIfSwitch" now works properly.
  • The move Struggle now works.
  • Shadow moves can no longer be called by Assist or Metronome.
  • Move effect 9B (Heat Crash/Heavy Slam) now returns the correct damage.
  • Move effect 99 (Electro Ball) now returns the correct damage.
  • pbRemovePokemonAt can now delete the first Pokémon in the party.
  • Moon Ball now works properly.
  • Fixed minor error in the day/night system.
  • Game no longer crashes when checking whether it's day/night/morning/afternoon.
  • Fixed it never returning true when checking whether it's night.
  • WildItemCommon and WildItemRare items are now stored in two bytes, not one (i.e. wild Pokémon can now hold any item up to number 65535, rather than 255).
  • Index of "last species viewed" in the Pokédex is now stored separately for each Dex list (avoiding possible crashes due to invalid values).
  • Can no longer cycle through really long grass.
  • Can no longer fish/surf off the edge of cliffs.
  • Scrolling fogs now tile infinitely in all directions.

Essentials v3

  • Release date: 3rd October 2011
  • Download: Not available
v3 change log
  • Renumbered all move function codes, and edited all related scripts (including AI).
  • Defined some new move flags, 3 of which are used: thaws user, sound-based, high critical hit rate.
  • Included some more move effects, and updated some existing ones.
  • Included new version of moves.txt with all moves defined.
  • Included new version of abilities.txt with all abilities defined, with shortened descriptions.
  • Added more common settings: Initial money, max money, does fishing auto-hook, are TMs infinite use items, language array, Safari Zone steps, Bug Contest time (both can be 0 if infinite).
  • Bag pocket names (and pockets themselves) are now easily defined in Settings.
  • What you can do with an item in the Bag now depends on the item, not the pocket.
  • Moves taught by TM/HM now inherit the PP of the move they replace.
  • Added an "already caught" icon for enemy wild Pokémon.
  • Slightly repositioned foe Pokémon position in single trainer battles.
  • Doubled the rate at which the player/NPCs animate while walking.
  • Added "Change Form" option to the Debug menu in the Pokémon storage screen.
  • Decapitalised some more text.
Bug fixes
  • HMs no longer have a "Give" option in the Bag.
  • Changing the "zoom" common setting now does something.
  • Fixed bug in External Editor where global metadata got jumbled up.
  • Descending a waterfall no longer crashes the game.
  • The nests map in the Pokédex now works.
  • A Pokémon's icon in the party now refreshes after being given an item to hold from the Bag.

Essentials v2

v2 change log
  • Added a new script section containing a number of common settings.
  • Included credits for the kit in the in-game credits.
  • External Editor has been updated to reflect previous changes.
  • The location signpost will now not appear if the old and new maps have the same name (e.g. two halves of a single route).
  • Can now add multiple items with pbReceiveItem and pbItemBall, and messages shown reflect what is being added (including "some Leftovers").
  • Renamed trainernames.txt to trainertypes.txt for clarity.
  • Trainer card background and card picture now have a default, plus an optional version for female players (default can be the male version).
  • Bag background and bag picture now have a default, plus an optional version for female players (default can be the male version)
  • Removed the "Saving... Don't turn off the power." message as it is unnecessary.
  • Removed support for WiiRemote.
  • Removed support for handwriting recognition.
  • Expanded in-game trades to allow setting the pokémon's form and gender (because these can affect the sprite during the trading sequence).
  • Expanded on pbAddForeignPokemon to allow setting the OT's gender.
  • Added second row of badges in picture file, to show how badges for multiple regions should be laid out.
  • Allowed up to 8 players to be defined, rather than 4.
  • Can no longer set the level of an egg given with pbGenerateEgg - made it use EGGINITIALLEVEL instead.
  • TMs can now be tossed from the Bag.
  • The position of the visibility circle in dark maps now depends on the screen size rather than separate variables.
  • Using Flash in a dark cave now only expands the visibility to a larger circle, rather than to the full screen.
  • The power of variable strength moves now shows as "???" rather than "---" in the Summary screen.
  • Added footprints to the Pokédex for owned Pokémon.
  • Decapitalised the PC menus.
  • Battle screen elements now display in nice places for any screen size.
  • The thrown Poké Ball trajectory (in battle, when throwing to capture) now looks better.
  • Added LandMorning, LandDay and LandNight encounter types back in.
  • Added Location and TradeSpecies evolution methods.
  • Added more usable move flags (up to "t" inclusive) - they don't do anything yet, though.
  • Added array $PokemonGlobal.mapTrail that records the last 4 maps visited (including the current one).
  • Added array $PokemonGlobal.regionMapTrail that records the last 4 maps visited which are in different squares on the region map (including the current one).
Bug fixes
  • The game no longer crashes upon capturing a Pokémon in the Safari Zone.
  • Pokédex searching now only lists the Pokémon it should (seen Pokémon for alphabetical mode, owned Pokémon for other modes).
  • The message stating that a Pokémon survived poisoning now shows the Pokémon's name.
  • The move flag "e" now only denotes whether a move can be copied by Mirror Move (previously it also determined whether an accuracy check was done).
  • In the Summary screen, Pokémon cries are no longer played when scrolling past the ends of the party.
  • Videos will now close correctly when pressing the Cancel button.
  • Shell Bell no longer doubles happiness gain by walking - Soothe Bell now does instead.
  • SolarBeam now skips the charging turn in sunny weather.
  • Bide's move details are now in the PBS file "moves.txt".

Essentials v1

v1 change log
  • Renamed, moved and split various script sections.
  • Renamed files/moved files/deleted unused files.
  • "Downgraded" the day/night system to depend only on time (OutdoorLight effect no longer works as intended).
  • Added support for species-specific egg sprites/icons.
  • Running is now allowed everywhere.
  • Added support for disabling location signposts for selected map transfers (useful for long routes spread over multiple maps).
  • Created def pbExclaim, which just shows an exclamation bubble (or other animation) - this is the first half of pbNoticePlayer.
  • "trback" images now have 5 frames (1 standing + 4 throwing). They can still be 1 frame instead, though.
  • Decapitalised text in pause menu and load menu, and nature names.
  • Edited still water reflections: tweaked animation, repositioned reflection while surfing.
  • Included all Pokémon icons and sprites for all forms, renamed them so they work immediately.
  • Shaymin is now its Sky Forme if the player has a Gracidea, but only during the day and when it isn't frozen (this may not work properly in battle, though).
  • Rotom now changes its second type depending on its form, as per Gen 5.
  • Burmy and Shellos obtained as eggs from the Day Care will inherit their mother's form.
  • Bag background and bag sprites now depend on the player's gender.
  • Trainer card background now depends on the player's gender.
  • Evolution animation now supports different sizes of sprites.
  • Tweaked evolution animation slightly and added background image.
  • Expanded in-game trades to allow setting the OT's gender, the received Pokémon's held item (which can lead to evolution) and its shininess.
  • Traded Pokémon obedience now depends on the number of badges obtained, starting at 10 (no badges) then +10 levels per badge (8 badges=level 100 obedience).
  • Updated the PBS file "items" with all Gen 4 items, and renamed the item icons accordingly.
  • Added effects for all new Poké Balls (i.e. Gen 2 balls).
  • Added a few more item effects.
Bug fixes
  • All battlers can now move in double battles.
  • Non-battlers now gain all experience from battles they participated in, and level up/learn moves properly.
  • Eggs can now be generated in the Day Care.
  • Regional Dex numbers can now be 0 (editor also allows this now).
  • Players can no longer access the debug menu in Pokémon Storage during regular games.
  • Experience bar is now shown in summary screen page 2.
  • Marking Pokémon in Pokémon Storage no longer crashes the game.
  • Using Surf from the party screen now requires the Surf badge (not the Cut badge).
  • Using Waterfall to ascend a waterfall no longer crashes the game.
  • Changing the speech frame in the Options menu now does so.
  • Message shown when obtaining/finding a TM/HM now display the machine's move properly.
  • Nest locations are only shown for the region being looked at.
  • Triple Triad's library is no longer reset each time it is accessed.
  • Sea Incense now works in battle.
  • Parlyz Heal now works in battle.
  • Arceus can now use the Zap Plate.
  • Can no longer select an empty party slot in battle's party screen.
  • Being burned no longer halves the power of the user's special moves.
  • Fire moves in sunny weather, and Water moves in rainy weather, are now only 50% more powerful.
  • Reflect now only reduces damage from physical attacks, and Light Screen now only reduces damage from special attacks.
  • Using SolarBeam now only shows the "Bulbasaur used SolarBeam!" message once during the firing turn.
  • Can now navigate around the party screen properly in double battles.
  • Made the size of the Exp bar in battle depend on a single variable in all cases, for easy modification.
  • When using an item on a Pokémon in a double battle, the party screen is now the double battle version.
  • Item picture in Bag now refreshes properly.
  • Item name in Bag is now red when selected for switching.
  • HMs no longer have their quantity displayed in the Bag.
  • Selecting "List top" in the Pokédex now takes you to the top of the list.
  • Pokémon image now refreshes properly when selecting "List top" or "List bottom" in the Pokédex.
  • Fixed crash involving filtering a long Pokédex list to a shorter one while looking at a high-numbered entry.

Essentials - 5th September 2010

Essentials - 7th May 2010

Essentials - 3rd April 2010

Essentials - 7th January 2010

  • Release date: 7th January 2010
  • Download: Pokémon Essentials 2010/01/07
  • Notes: This is the latest version to include files required to set up a server (for multiplayer purposes).

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