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The Jukebox.

This article describes the Jukebox application of the Pokégear. This app allows the player to change the background music.


The Jukebox lists a number of default songs to choose from, and also includes a "Custom" option which contains all the music in the folder "Audio/BGM/". Selecting any of these options will play that music as the background music.

The default music may have additional effects. They are as follows:

  • March - Makes wild Pokémon encounters occur 50% more often (same effect as the White Flute).
  • Lullaby - Makes wild Pokémon encounters occur 50% less often (same effect as the Black Flute).
  • Oak - Cancels the effect of the above two music.
  • Custom music has no effects.

It should be noted that, although a battery icon appears in the graphics of the Jukebox, this is just decoration. It does not indicate the battery life of a laptop.

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