21st May 2016

The second update release Pokémon Essentials v16.2 can now be downloaded from the Downloads page.

Essentials v16.2 contains a bunch of bug fixes, as well as some efficiency improvements in some scripts. It goes without saying that this is a highly recommended patch.

The wiki is still slowly being improved. Obviously such a big task will take a long time, due to various other commitments. We still welcome any opinions and suggestions about what you think the wiki should contain or how you would like it to look - please head over to the Wiki Discussion forum for all wiki talk.


26th December 2015

The update release Pokémon Essentials v16.1 is now available for download.

Update releases are generally smaller affairs, with mostly bug fixes in them. They are always useful to have.

You may have noticed that the wiki is undergoing a redesign and rewrite to make it easier to navigate and read, and to add missing information. If you have any opinions and ideas about what you might want the wiki to look like or contain, please head over to the Wiki Discussion forum and leave your comments - try to be detailed!


7th December 2015

So here it is: Pokémon Essentials v16 is now a thing, and is waiting for downloads!

The biggest thing of note here is probably that all the moves, items and abilities now work, including the Gen 6 ones. In fact, you can choose whether to use the Gen 5 or Gen 6 battle mechanics.

A bunch of other stuff has been changed or added too, of course. There's a new evolution animation, sadly replacing the classic spinning-very-fast. A number of options have been added to the Options screen. The example maps have been fiddled with to make sure that what they do is the best they can do it. A number of PBS files have been changed, so don't just blindly replace them with your own! And, of course, there's a pleasant helping of bug fixes and other little tweaks to make life a little bit nicer.

Have fun!

25th January 2015

An update has been released, in the form of Pokémon Essentials v15.1. You can find it on the Downloads page.

Unlike usual new versions of Essentials, this one is just an update release. That means you needs v15 as well. The files that come with v15.1 are only the ones changed from v15.

Update releases are usually minor changes, primarily used to fix bugs. It's well worth getting, even if there aren't any significant new features.


31st December 2014

Just in time for the new year, it's... Essentials version 15! Check out the Downloads page.

There's a use for Mulch now, as the Gen 4 berry tree mechanics have been added to Essentials. Overworld weather animations have been improved, and two new weather types have been added. Several in-battle throwing-based animations have also been added, which finally make Safari Zone battles fun to watch. There's also been a bunch of accessibility features added, in the form of new methods to help you figure things out and ease the use of certain PBS files. Oh, and Pokémon in battle now only switch in at the end of the round, rather than immediately.

There's a bunch of other stuff, of course. Have a read of the Downloads page for more information.

Happy New Year!

28th September 2014

What's this? Something happened after all this time? That's right: Essentials version 14 is now out!

What do we have this time? Overhauls of some battle scripts, fixed animations, a better Poké Radar, a new egg-hatching animation, sped up text and screen transitions, and generally a bunch of tweaks and improvements here and there. I'll let you read about it on the Downloads page.


2nd December 2013

Consider this an early Christmas present: Essentials version 13 is now available to download!

There's some significant additions this time. Fans of X and Y will no doubt be happy with the added support for Mega Evolution, and also with the ability to give players multiple outfits. Those who translate their games can now translate all the text in the game, notably the contents of common events. And there's numerous improvements to how the player and other events move around the maps.

The attack animation system has been improved to add many new features and possibilities, and the Animation Editor has been made nicer to work with. A host of new animations have also been added, courtesy of the All Animations Project. The battle screen itself has been improved, with better animations for fainting and Poké Balls, along with much easier access to many of the important values and coordinates you may need to tweak its appearance.

Have fun!

3rd August 2013

The second ever update release for Essentials has been released in the form of Pokémon Essentials v12.2. As you'd expect, it's in the Downloads page.

As with the first update release, v12.2 is a relatively small update mainly consisting of a few bug fixes.


16th June 2013

It's been a long time coming, but now you can finally get your hands on Pokémon Essentials, version 12! Check the Downloads page to see what it's all about.

There are a couple of useful additions to the debugging options, in the form of a species editor and a Regional Dex editor. There have also been a few tweaks to the Animation Editor and some other debug tools, as well as a behind-the-scenes improvement of how data is compiled and used.

The All Animations Project has been busy in the last 6 months, and the animations it has come up with have been added to Essentials. There are now nearly 150 animations, as well as support for a few new ones.

Possibly the biggest part of this version, though, lies in the bug fixes. Many many item/move/ability effects haven't been working properly, but now they do! There have also been a lot of tweaks to many different parts of Essentials, which make them work that little bit better and easier to use.

Have fun!

23rd December 2012

Pokémon Essentials, version "This One Goes To" 11 is now available for download!

There's a few very noticeable additions to Essentials this time around, not least of which are the 156 Pokémon from Gen 5. There's also an exciting Mystery Gift feature, as well as seven new mini-games. Also, the first batch of animations to come out of the All Animations Project have been included.

Beyond that, there are improvements to the example maps, including a whole new map for Daisy's house (the previously door-less one in Lappet Town) filled with ribbon-givers and Pokémon raters. A single map can now span multiple squares of the region map. Pokémon now have improved and expanded debug options. You can now fuse Pokémon together with the DNA Splicers. Ribbons are easier to use. Partner trainers will let you deal with single battles rather than try to butt in. And a variety of other improvements, as well as many bug fixes.


Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

28th November 2012

You may have noticed that Essentials contains only a handful (10) of unique move animations, with the vast majority all other moves using the default Tackle animation. Although battling is the very core of a Pokémon game, so far there has been no attempt to make some more animations.

Until now.

The All Animations Project exists specifically to coordinate and encourage everyone who uses Essentials (including you!) to help out with improving the range of move animations that come with Essentials. You can contribute in any way you want, from actually making an animation or two, to making notes about what an animation should do, to critiquing ones made by other people.

Credit will of course be given to everyone who helps with making new animations.

This is a very worthwhile endeavour. I strongly encourage you to take part in whatever way you can. Animations aren't that hard to make, and anything is better than nothing. If you've ever wanted to give something back, this is your chance!

Thank you.

22nd October 2012

The nice round version 10 of Pokémon Essentials is now available to download.

The first thing you'll notice when you open up v10 is that everything's different. The example maps have been completely remade, utilising all-new tilesets and charsets created by Maruno. There are loads of features on display in the new example maps, including elevators, fossil-reviving, cracking ice, boulders-'n'-switches, a rival, Shadow Pokémon, a Cycle Road and much much more. And all of it comes with helpful annotations.

That's not the only new stuff (although it's plenty already). Shadow Pokémon finally work properly in every respect, as do roaming Pokémon. The Town Map has extra versatility, more moves and abilities now work properly, and there are plenty of other bug fixes to go around. As always, you can find a detailed list of changes on the Downloads page.

11th August 2012

It seems this news post is only ever updated when a new version of Essentials comes out. Well, this is no exception. Version 9 of Pokémon Essentials has been released.

What's new this time? There's a new mini-game, which is the Mining mini-game you may remember from the Sinnoh games. Various moves and abilities which didn't quite work properly (or at all) before have now been fixed. You can now have multiple roaming Pokémon of the same species. The Escape Rope now takes you to the entrance you used, which makes sense. And there's a handful of various other tweaks and changes and bug fixes. Have a read of the change log on the Downloads page to find out more.


10th July 2012

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the Pokémon Essentials Starter Kit being handed over to this wiki. A lot has changed since then, with Maruno pumping out many updates to the kit filled with new features and bug fixes. Including today's.

That's right! In a rather happy coincidence, version 8 of Pokémon Essentials is now available for download!

This time, Essentials has been stuffed with lots of new effects for items, moves and abilities which previously just sat there doing nothing. There are far too many additions and improvements to those effects to list them all. And if that wasn't reason enough for you to download it, there have been improvements to the way attack animations work, Pokémon now change forms in battle, items lost during battle are regained, and the player no longer leaps crazy high over ledges. And once again, bundles of bug fixes. Have a read of the change log on the Downloads page to see what's been happening.

It's only been a year since Maruno and the rest started working on improving Essentials, with the first update (version 1) being released just two weeks later. There's still plenty to do, and I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen in the future.


15th May 2012

Version 7 of Pokémon Essentials has now been released! It's only been 3 weeks since the last release, but there have been so many changes anyway.

The debug options have been greatly improved, meaning you can now change even more things about Pokémon and the game in general. Enemy trainers' Pokémon have half a dozen extra properties for you to define. Essentials now remembers which Pokémon forms the player has seen, and displays only those in the Pokédex. And there are not one, but two new mini-games for you to whittle your hours away playing: Slot Machine and Voltorb Flip. Not to mention the usual bundle of bug fixes.

If there is something you particularly want to see done in the next Essentials release, let us know via the forum.

I don't know whether it's a good or a bad thing that there tends to be a huge number of changes in a new version of Essentials. Should there be more frequent yet smaller updates, or less frequent yet larger ones? Let us know in the forum!

23rd April 2012

It's been almost 3 months since the last release, but it's been worth the wait. Essentials v6 is now available for your downloading pleasure.

Essentials v6 is the long-awaited overhaul of the kit, which involved increasing the screen size to 512x384 (the size of a single DS screen) and redesigning anything that didn't look right with the new, larger screen. Pretty much everything you can see in Essentials now (except the maps!) have been remade to better suit the larger screen size. There are also many related improvements, including in style, speed and presented information.

While this release was mainly about the resizing, a few unrelated changes have been made too. Check out the Downloads page for details.

I hope you enjoy this new look as much as I do. The next task will be to go through the wiki and change all the appropriate information and screenshots - no small task! Please bear with things for the next couple of weeks until this is done.

28th January 2012

A new year is well under way, and a new version of Essentials is now available (at least until all file-sharing sites in the world close down!).

There are updates for features all over the place, from the phone to the Pokédex to the Town Map to abilities, and even more varied bug fixes. The Downloads page has a full list of updates, so check it out!

It was previously mentioned that PokéCommunity was going to create a dedicated section for Pokémon Essentials, and at the end of December it came into being. The section is already full of a variety of discussions, questions and ideas, but there's still plenty of room for more! This section will be very useful to us all, and I'm really happy it's there.

The next release will be focussed on increasing the screen size of Essentials from 480x320 (GBA size) to 512x384 (DS size), and tweaking the designs of whatever needs tweaking so that everything suits the larger screen. Feel free to share your ideas and concept art. This is a big release, so it will take a couple of months or more to come together, but I think it will be worth it.

Enjoy the new release and the new forum section.

24th December 2011

Merry Christmas!

This wasn't intended to be a Christmas release, but it became one. Version 4 of Essentials has now been released, so head over to the Downloads page to get it!

What's new this time? A lot of things, as usual. The Pokédex has had a facelift, and there's better support for multiple regions now. Hidden abilities and differing movesets for alternate forms of Pokémon are both in. Move animations were cleaned up and a couple of new ones added. Berry planting was revamped. Some new ability and item effects have been added. The usual heap of bug fixes is there too. And there's much more.

Another piece of news is that the Essentials kit is soon to get a dedicated section of the forum on PokéCommunity. This will give us much more space to talk about Essentials, ask questions and make suggestions and contributions. I'm really looking forward to it.

So enjoy the new release, and enjoy the holiday season!

3rd October 2011

Version 3 of Essentials is now available, and the big news here is about the moves - it has them all!

Actually, the Gen 5 moves have been included in the moves PBS file, although many don't yet have effects. The effects themselves, though, have been reorganised to make them easier to work with. See Function codes for what they look like now, including colour-coding to show which effects have yet to be written.

More common settings have been added in this version, including the option to make TMs infinite-use. Defining Bag pockets is also extremely easy now, and finally you can now see whether you have already owned a wild Pokémon's species. All very welcome additions, I'm sure.

If you haven't already, get over to the PokéCommunity thread for the wiki. We're starting a series of debates aimed at finding out what you want to see in Essentials. Each debate has a particular theme, and the first debate is about savegames. Go along and have your say! Alternatively, there is a thread in the wiki's forum where you can also discuss it.

13th August 2011

Essentials has been updated again!

This update has focussed on pulling things together and getting them to work better and more easily. The biggest change to this end is the addition of a new script section right at the top: "Settings". In here are a range of things the user can modify, from the screen size and the level eggs hatch at, to toggling the day/night shading and whether Pokémon faint from poisoning outside battle. It's much more user-friendly than having these options spread throughout the many other script sections.

Another important addition is a list of credits to the in-game credits. They may be incomplete, so if you think someone deserves to be included, nominate them!

From now on, there are a number of bigger changes to make to Essentials, the biggest being upgrading it to pseudo-Gen 4 style (at least in terms of how the various menus look). This means updates will be slower, as these aren't the kinds of updates that can be spread across several releases. However, that means that when there is a release, there'll be some major improvements.

26th July 2011

The first new version of Essentials in just under a year has now been released!

Links are of course on the downloads page, as is a list of changes. And boy, are there some changes! Of particular note are the downgrading of the day/night system, which will reduce lag and allow people with Windows XP to visit outdoor maps without a problem, and the masses of bug fixes, including many of the well-known and game-crashing ones.

Essentials isn't a one-trick pony, though. There will be more updates in the future, and there are plenty of planned features to look forward to. What features, you ask? Well, you'll just have to wait and see.

Let us know what you want to see in the next version!

10th July 2011

The Pokémon Essentials Wiki has now taken over the development of the Essentials kit!

We are delighted that this has happened, as not only will this mean more updates for Essentials again, it will also be a greater opportunity for you and every other user of the kit to contribute to it, and tell us what you really want to see.

Arrangements are currently being made for the hand-over, which will include a small restructuring of the wiki to include development sections. A team of project leaders will also be appointed, whose job it will be to oversee all development and decide which directions the kit will go in.

In other news, the front page has received a makeover. Let us know what you think!

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