• I am trying to create a mini game to get from one location to another in a set of tiles. However, the challenge is that each step you walk on a certain tile, the pokemon party will randomly get a poison status e.g or deduct 1hp for all party. I am thinking of creating a script for each factor.

    I understand , we need to play around the PField_Field under the section field movement. But I do not understand what the codes are saying.

    Anybody can help?

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    • surely just put a field message in. eg."Your Pokemon were harmed!" or sumthing like that

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    • As in I am not sure how to create the script lets say for every step minus 1hp. So it will be something like this? If so, how do I create a global switch for this?

      1. minus hp for on each step taken

      Events.onStepTakenTransferPossible+=proc {|sender,e|

       next if handled[0]
       if $PokemonGlobal.stepcount % 4 == 0 && POISONINFIELD
         for i in $
           if i.status==PBStatuses::POISON && i.hp>0 && !i.isEgg? &&
             if i.hp==1 && !POISONFAINTINFIELD
             if i.hp==0
               Kernel.pbMessage(_INTL("{1} fainted...\\1",
             handled[0]=true if pbAllFainted


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    • I have a simpler and less complicated solution. Would you like to learn the secret into putting your work into events instead of touching whatever complicated things is in the Script Editor?

      If so, follow these steps:

      1. You want to make several "New Event" with "Player Touch".

      2. Use this example if you want to subtract the HP by 1:

      3. Use this example if you want to poison the party:

      4. Use this example if you want to randomize it:

      5. Copy and Paste these events towards your desired places!

      Note: If all party Pokémon have fainted, add a Parallel Process event. Inside the Parallel Process event, add a Conditional Branch "$Trainer.ablePokemonCount>0". Under "Else" put your message notifying that the player is out of usable Pokémon. Then transfer the player out of the map and add "Recover All: Entire Party" (Pokémon Center Script).

      Note 2: Do not use Erase Event if you want the party to get hurt on the same spot. You may add a Screen Flash, Sound Effect, Picture, etc. to spice things up a little.

      Also, here's a helpful page:émon


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    • Awesome, I tried it, it is almost perfect. However, once all the pokemon have fainted, it doesn't bring me to the pokecentre.

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    • Oh nvm, I did not see that message, I got it thank you so much!!!

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    • Sorry, this is totally unrelated but learning how this random choice generator function works helped me solve a question I had about generating a random question for a trivia quiz mini-game. Thank you for posting! And I hope you got what you needed as well Blackmamba.

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