• So I'm trying to have 2 evil team goons run past screen after an 'explosion' occurs somewhere in town. It happens while I'm talking to a predetermined npc outside. How I set it up was to have events that only appear with SelfSwitch A = on and then in the Npc's code put on the Selfswitches. This works, both goons appear but both only take one step of the move route instead of the full route.

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    • Okay, I found out something even more confusing. If I don't change the NPC's self switch or anything (so I can repeat the conversation and explosion forever) then the goon does walk the full on the second explosion/conversation.

      Edit: Somehow, as long as the pbsetSelfSwitch has a text between it and the move route, everything works but now you can already see them in the corner of the screen.

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