• I'm trying to make a pokemon battle affect what people say in my game only after I defeat or catch it.  Before I defeat the pokemon they'll say the same thing about not knowing what is happening.  After the pokemon is defeated, I want them to say or perform an action.

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    • You can save the outcome of an event battle as a global variable. Have a look at the wiki page for wild battles.

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    • Should I also look at events as well?  I didn't think about saving the outcome, thank you!

      If saving the event battle, it would affect the entire game, say:

      before defeating event pokemon... npc: What is that up in the tower?

      after defeating event pokemon... npc: Oh, it was a pokemon after all.

      That's my goal, and making a modified globl event which records and saves the battle will be able to what I need?

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    • I just had a quick look at the event encounters page, and probably the easiest way to do this is directly after the battle within the battle's event, look at the battle's outcome and if it is 1 (won), 4 (caught) or 5 (draw) set a global switch ON. For every event that depends on the outcome of this battle, make a new page which is activated when this switch is ON (In that bar on the left with "conditions"). The original page without the condition has the NPC say "What is up in the tower", the page where the switch is ON makes the NPC say "Oh, it was a Pokémon.". No need to use global events.

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    • Thank you.

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