• I have a bizarre but minor problem reoccuring whenever I'm making maps. This happened to me twice already, so I'm wondering what's causing my exits to have an added event page on autorun? What makes this an issue is that the player is stuck on a black screen when he/she enters the map for the first time. What makes this even more weird is that my cave exit event has a 2nd page with a borrowed "ON" switch, but I 100% did not make it for that exit. It's easy to delete these annoying creations, but I really want these to stop.

    I'm not sure if it can be recreated, but since it happened twice for me, it goes like this:

    1. I make a small "cave" map with a north exit. In Map Connections, I have Outdoor false, ShowArea true, and SnapEdges true.

    2. I manually make the exit which includes Screen Color Tone "Black", Wait 20 frame(s), Transfer Player (Outside), and Screen Color Tone "Normal". (No sound was included and was always Player Touch.)

    3. In a different map, I use "Control Switches..." and add a "new switch" that the player turns ON before entering the small cave.

    4. I continue making maps after the small cave and "compile" stuff.

    5. Now, I try to "Playtest". (The player now encounters a black screen when entering the small cave, meaning that the "Bad Cave Exit Autorun Event Page" has been automatically created with the ON switch from step 3.)

    6. Going back to the map editor, the newly created "2nd page" event looks like this:

    So why is my game automatically creating these bad exits on autorun? Is the cause coming from "Manually Creating Cave Exit Event", "Transfer Player Outside", "Adding New Control Switch" and/or "Compiling Data"? Could this unknown source be located in the Script Editor?

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    • ive never heard of such a thing before. sorry i cant help you.

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