• Hi.

    I'm trying to make a mode where when you go up to a set of binoculars, you can pan the screen out in front of you like 30 or 40 tiles. I initially tried doing this with the actual pan option, but this didn't seem to work well if you're moving from one map to another (which was kinda the whole point of this).

    So I figured out you can make the character invisible, through, and replace your former self with a nonmoving sprite. This lets you float away from your body, then return to it once you step back into yourself. But this also means you can go anywhere. Like, literally anywher. Like play the whole game as an invisible ghost. So that's bad.

    I want to make some sort of mode where you can only move forwards and backwards over a range of 40ish tiles and then pop back into your body when you return to it.

    It's a bit of an invovled problem that will probably involve scripting, but anyone have ideas???

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