• Whenever I have any kind of water you can surf on with a Pokemon, it you press the action button in front of it, it'll say the "Would you like to surf" thing even if you don't have a Pokemon with surf. How do I make it so that I need a Pokemon with surf to actually surf across water?


    The only Pokemon in my party is a Snivy, by the way, since that's the starter. Am I in debug mode?? Does this just happen in the gametesting on RPG Maker XP?

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    • EDIT: nevermind i just tried using Game.EXE instead and it worked.


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    • When you are using the Debug mode (which automatically activates if you run the game via the RPG Maker menu) than you can use HM moves without the need of a badge or Pokémon.

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    • Yeah, I figured that one out.

      well im dumb

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