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[Solution available] Mega Evolved/Primal Evolved Pokémon don't revert back to normal after battle

  • So while i was making a video for my second youtube channel i decided to look at the Pokemon essentials Wiki and i saw a new update was avalible:Version 16.2. I ecided shortly after to upgrade a clean version of pokemon essentials to version 16.2 to see if the bug from 16.1 was fixed. As expected from such great programers, you successfuly fixed the glitch with Mega Evolution. But what i found quickly after was surprising. When I was reading the changelog for version 16.2 i saw a Bug fix that said "Reverting Mega/Primal Evolution after battle no longer affects regular Pokémon that have a non-zero form.", now im not %100 sure what that means but my guess is that when someone mega evolved a pokemon the battle would end, turn the pokemon back to base form, and the game would crash because of some error in the script. we now, in version 16.2, when a pokemon unergoes a mega evolution they stay a mega evolution. I have made another video showing step by step what i altered in Essentials version 16.2, not the scripts mind you but the item PBS text document. If you know why a pokemon does not drop it's Mega evolution after the battle ends i and every one else would love to know why. I hope you guys continue to produce great content for us and i look forward to the next update, weather it be Version 16.3 or version 17. Keep up the amazing work :)

    Link to the video showing the error:

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    • Firstly, this thread's original title of "A new bug in Essentials Version 16.2" is completely worthless. This is the Bug Reporting forum, and it's for the latest version of Essentials. It should be obvious what goes in here.

      Secondly, the solution.

      In the script section Pokemon_MegaEvolution are the below two methods. Replace them with the code provided below:

       def makeUnmega
         v ="getUnmegaForm",self)
         if v!=nil; self.form = v
         elsif isMega?; self.form = 0
       def makeUnprimal
         v ="getUnprimalForm",self)
         if v!=nil; self.form = v
         elsif isPrimal?; self.form = 0
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