• So, no matter what option I select for the battle factory, there is a runtime error

    If I go in with the "used" option, then i make it to the coridoor, but then an error comes up, saying that there is an undefined method "preparerentals"

    If I generate teams, an error comes up mentioning that there is an issue with the moveindex or something like that

    This is the same for both single and double battles

    I have made no modifications to the scripts or events, and i am using essentials v16.2

    how is this fixable?

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    • From what I recalled the Battle Factory never had worked, even back when Essentials was just the Pokemon Starter Kit.

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    • Oh, I see. Then why is it even in there?

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    • I think it was an unfinished feature that was around for a long time, but nobody bothered to fix it around.

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    • That's maybe an idea for the next update

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    • A FANDOM user
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