• So, recently, I went through the Compiler section and explained the meaning of all the charcters for the schema in most of the compiled pbs fields, as well as an explaination on editing them

    u : Positive integer
    v : Positive integer > 0
    i : Integer
    U : Optional Positive Integer
    x : Hexidecimal number
    s : String
    S : Optional String
    n : Name (Letters, numbers and underscores, can't start with a number)
    N : Optional name
    b : Boolean
    e : Enum (fancy talk for a hash map of strings that map to integers)

    Original post (Pokecommunity)

    We don't have anything about this on the wiki, but I'm at a loss at where to add it to. Script Sections? PBS files? A new tutorial?

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    • There's now space for the Compiler page. Seems like a good place.

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    • Alright, I'll make a new page for the compiler.

      Thanks Maruno.

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