• This chat is to talk about possible custom abilites and moves we could add to our games. This chat is for fun to just discuss the possiblities and to share what everyone has thought of or made.

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    • May as well drop these ideas here.


      All life-stealing moves recover double the health they normally would and life-stealing moves are powered up by 20%

      It's just an idea I had for parasect since it's so neat but is also so god-awful.  I'm sure there are other cool applications for this since it makes lifesteal moves a one-for-one steal and gives a little more bite to moves like giga drain, horn leech, and the new leech life. Would also make leech seed a pretty insane move though.


      All super-effective moves have their damage increased by 50%

      Just an idea for pokemon who could take advantage of big move pools but dont have quite enough damage to justify using their big movepools. Also makes any STAB weakness respectable on pokemon who could otherwise ignore them


      Upon being hit by a not very effective attack, raises the pokemons defense and special defense by one stage. If the move does not effect the pokemon the ability still activates.

      A concept that could make weirdly typed tanks a really good switch-in. Would honestly be a little bit too good on most steel-types though.

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