• Hi peoples! I am here to present you my game, Pokemon Journey!

    Pokemon Journey is a remake of the johto/Kanto region with a big fat twist. Every pokemon has been modify, and the max level is now 4. This is done so that you will quickly reach max level, and so you will never outlevel the game, additionally, since every pokemon have had their stats and moveset changed, every pokemon is now viable for your team. Another important thing to note is that you will begin the game in a totally new region, named Tryad island, and then you will go to Johto.

    I have made a website, so if you want to know more about it go there: [[1]]

    You can download it there, or directly here: [[2]]

    It has to be noted that this game is in development, actually only the Tryad Island is finished, if you want to go fast, a good two hour of game are here to finish the isle, if you want to explore everything already available, I guess it's 5 to 6h.

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