• Pokemon Essentials

    Exception: RuntimeError

    Message: Undefined species constant name: [BULBASAUR]

    Name must consist only of letters, numbers, and

    underscores and can't begin with a number.

    Make sure the name is defined in


    File PBS/tm.txt, line 15


    Compiler:700:in `pbGetConst'

    Compiler:743:in `parseSpecies'

    Compiler:2049:in `pbCompileMachines'

    Compiler:2046:in `each'

    Compiler:2046:in `pbCompileMachines'

    Compiler:2031:in `each_line'

    Compiler:2031:in `pbCompileMachines'

    Compiler:4101:in `pbCompileAllData'


    This exception was logged in 

    C:\Users\Pilar\Saved Games/Pokemon Essentials/errorlog.txt.

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    • Bulbasaur doesn't exist in your pokemon.txt file or you're defining your TM wrong. We can't know without looking at your PBS.

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    • thx, fixed it by reinstalling pokemon.txt

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    • A FANDOM user
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