• Exception: TypeError

    Message: no implicit conversion from nil to integer

    Compiler:1556:in `[]'

    Compiler:1556:in `[]'

    PItem_Items:63:in `pbIsBerry?'

    PokeBattle_MoveEffects:7015:in `pbEffect'

    PokeBattle_Battler:2717:in `pbProcessMoveAgainstTarget'

    PokeBattle_Battler:2673:in `each'

    PokeBattle_Battler:2673:in `pbProcessMoveAgainstTarget'

    PokeBattle_Battler:3163:in `pbUseMove'

    PokeBattle_Battler:3143:in `loop'

    PokeBattle_Battler:3166:in `pbUseMove'

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    • This can be simply fixed.

      In the section "PokeBattle_MoveEffects" line 6977
      replace "pbIsBerry?(@item)" with  "pbIsBerry?(attacker.item)"

      That should do the trick. The berry effect activates and the other items seem to work as intended as well.

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