This article describes touch screens.

See the bottom of this article for links to tutorials that describe how to set up a touch screen.

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Dual screen

  • This is the splitting up of the game window into two or more segments.

Touch screens

A touch screen allows the player to use the mouse in order to interact with the game, usually by clicking on-screen buttons. The lower screen of the Nintendo DS is a touch screen.

Note that a touch screen is different to a dual screen. A dual screen simply involves dividing up the game screen into multiple parts. The Nintendo DS has both of these features, but they are by no means dependent on each other - you can easily have one without the other.


  • You can always have a touch screen without having a dual screen.
  • You don't need to restrict yourself to making just one part of the game screen touch-sensitive (i.e. having mouse-touch buttons in only one part of the screen). That was a restriction of the Nintendo DS, a restriction that Essentials games don't have.
  • You can modify your touch screen to use double clicks and dragging movements. Think about how you could use these effects (e.g. moving Pokémon around in Pokémon storage).
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