Adding Additional Text Speed Options
This tutorial is deprecated. It is no longer relevant to the latest version of Pokémon Essentials.

This tutorial was written by Jianmingyong. Please give credit.

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BUG FIX #1: Text speed too fast making the Pokémon battle crash unexpectedly.

By default, Pokémon Essentials has 3 options for text speed: Slow, Mid and Fast.

Have you ever wanted the text speed to be faster?


Open the PokemonOptions script, go to line #266 and change it to:

def pbSettingToTextSpeed(speed)
  return 3 if speed==0
  return 2 if speed==1
  return 1 if speed==2
  return -2 if speed==3
  return MessageConfig::TextSpeed if MessageConfig::TextSpeed
  return ((Graphics.frame_rate>40) ? -2 : -1)

Open the PokemonOptions script, go to line #366 / 367 and change it to:"Text Speed"),[_INTL("Slow"),_INTL("Medium"),_INTL("Fast"),_INTL("Fastest")],
          proc { $PokemonSystem.textspeed },
          proc {|value|  

Now you will have changed the options for text speed.

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