Adding in Poke Mart purchase sound effects
This tutorial was written by LaDestitute. Please give credit.

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A tutorial for adding the Poké Mart purchase sound effect in-game, since it normally does not play in-game. A link will be provided for the sound effect here and it's specifically from Pokemon Black 2 and White 2.

Obtaining and adding the purchase SE

You will need to first obtain the SE that is the focus of this tutorial. A download link is provided above, as noted. You may either directly download it to your project's SE folder or somewhere else and import it through RPG Maker XP's Materials editor. Once you download and import it either way, open up the Script Editor in RPG Maker XP for your project.

Editing the script: PScreen_Mart

Scroll down to the script that is named PScreen_Mart. There will be two lines we need to place the code snippet above, one for buying items and another one for selling items.

This is the said code snippet:


Go to the line numbered 719 and paste the code snippet above the following line:


Next, go to the line numbered 778 and paste the same code snippet I provided above the following line:


That's all there it is to it, it's quite simple but there you go, now you have a purchase SE playing for buying and selling items!

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