Adding in missing sound effects
This tutorial was written by DerxwnaKapsyla. Please give credit.
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This tutorial will show you how to add in some sound effects for things that are missing them in the present version of Pokemon Essentials. This tutorial covers how to add the following: Cut, Rock Smash, Plucking Berries, and Automated Doors (Gym/Pokecenter/Mart).

The process of adding in the new sounds is rather easy, it's baffling that it isn't in Essentials by default, but nonetheless, I shall show you all how to do it so you can give your Pokemon-based Fangame the edge on others who don't have these sounds!

Adding in Cut's SE:

The first thing you'll need to do here is obtain the Sound Effect file for Cut. I'll provide all the sound effects I've gathered at the bottom of the page, so you don't have to go through the hassle of ripping them yourself. However, if you'd like to rip them yourself, I highly suggest downloading Advance Map, setting the map with the Cut Event on it's music to mute in the editor, then recording the sound the Cut tree makes as its being chopped down.

Once that is out of the way, the second thing you need to do is place the Cut Sound Effect in the SE Folder of your project. As it is a sound effect, it really doesn't really need to go anywhere else.

After placing your Cut SE in the designated folder, you have to open up your project and go to the Script Editor. In the script editor, go to the script section PokemonHiddenMoves and do a Ctrl+F search for "Kernel.pbMessage(_INTL("{1} used Cut!",speciesname))". After you find that line, the next thing you do is place this line right under it: "pbSEPlay("Name Of File.ExtentionOfFile")". This is what plays the sound effect upon cutting down the tree. Granted, you could do it an alternate method, where you set the individual event to play an SE while executing its move route, but this executes the Sound Effect for all cut trees, thus supersceeding the need to have it placed in each individual event.

Your Cut trees should now be playing th  copping down sound every time you cut it! That's all there is for this segment of the tutorial, now onto the next portion.

Adding in Rock Smash's SE:

Similar to the last tutorial, you'll need to repeat all the same steps. To spare the time, I will only just tell you the relevant information that is changed.

  • Step 1: Go to PokemonHiddenMoves and do a Ctrl+F Search for "Kernel.pbMessage(_INTL("{1} used Rock Smash!",speciesname))".
  • Step 2: Underneath that line, place the following line: "pbSEPlay("Name Of File.ExtentionOfFile")"

And that's all it takes to enable Rock Smash's sound effect for breaking rocks.

Adding in Berry Plucking Sound Effects:

Berry Plucking is about the same, but a bit different. All the same steps are required, but in a different area. You'll still need to acquire the sound effect, and you still need to place it in the SE folder.

First thing you should do is open your project, and open the script editor, then look for the section that says PokemonBerryPlant, as that's where the code for picking berries is defined. When you're in it, do a Ctrl+F search for the line "Kernel.pbMessage(_INTL("{1} picked {2} {3}!\\wtnp[30]",$,berrycount,berryvalues[4]))", and place the line '''pbSEPlay("Name Of File.ExtentionOfFile") BEFORE each occurance of the line, which should be twice in an unedited version of Essentials. 

Now, do a Ctrl+F Search for the line "Kernel.pbMessage(_INTL("{1} picked the {2}!\\wtnp[30]",$,PBItems.getName(berry)))" and place the line pbSEPlay("Name Of File.ExtentionOfFile") BEFORE each occurance of the line, which should be twice in an unedited version of Essentials.

If you did it all correctly, when you go to pluck a berry, it should play that sound effect.

Adding in the Sound Effect for Automatic Doors:

Unfortunately, I have not found a quick and easy way to do this Sound Effect, if someone else could figure out a way, that'd be much appreciated, but untill then....

The process of obtaining the sound effect is the same as any other sound effect, and for the purpose of the tutorial, I'm going to assume you read the first three before it, which explain the process of obtaining and where to place it.

The step after that is to open your game, and go to any map with an Automatic Door (ie: a Gym, a Pokemon Center, a PokeMart, whatever has one). Open the event page for it, and for the top-most move route, edit it, and change the sound effect playing Entering Door, to whatever the sound effect you have for an automatic door is.

And that's it! That's all there is to know on how to add in the sound effects for things missing them in Essentials! Hopefully you put this knowledge to good use!

- DerxwnaKapsyla

Here is the download link for the sound effects I have compiled. 

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