Adding more borders on Options Screen
This tutorial was written by -FL-. Please give credit.
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This tutorial explains how to change the border setting on Option Screen from "On"/"Off", into "Off" and several border graphics.

First, put your borders on Graphics\Pictures naming as border0.png, border1.png, border2.png and so on.

At Win32API script section change line 'if $PokemonSystem && $PokemonSystem.border==1' into 'if $PokemonSystem && $PokemonSystem.border>0'.

At Sprite_Resizer script section change lines:

  • 'if !FULLSCREENBORDERCROP && $PokemonSystem && $PokemonSystem.border==1' into 'if !FULLSCREENBORDERCROP && $PokemonSystem && $PokemonSystem.border>0'
  • 'border=$PokemonSystem ? $PokemonSystem.border : 0' to 'border=$PokemonSystem ? [$PokemonSystem.border,1].min : 0'
  • '@sprite.visible=($PokemonSystem && $PokemonSystem.border==1)' to '@sprite.visible=($PokemonSystem && $PokemonSystem.border>0)'
  • '@sprite.visible=($PokemonSystem && $PokemonSystem.border==1)' to '@sprite.visible=($PokemonSystem && $PokemonSystem.border>0)'

At PScreen_Options script section change line '"Screen Border"),[_INTL("Off"),_INTL("On")],' to '"Screen Border"),[_INTL("Off"),_INTL("Border 0 name"),_INTL("Border 1 name"),_INTL("Border 2 name")],'. You can add more items if you wish. Before line 'pbSetResizeFactor($PokemonSystem.screensize)' add 'setScreenBorderName("border"+(value-1).to_s) if value>0'.

At Main script section change line 'setScreenBorderName("border") # Sets image file for the border' to 'setScreenBorderName("border"+($PokemonSystem.border-1).to_s)'.

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