Apricorn Plant and Time System
This tutorial was written by Ran-Tuco (Tuco12). Please give credit.

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Apricorns script based in PokemonBerryPlants replace PokemonItems, PokemonBag and add PokemonApricornPlants bellow PokemonBerryPlants

copy the images apricorntree in graphics/characters  and copy 

and replace items.txt in the PBS folder's and create a event called: ApricornPlant

and call script in page 1: pbPickApricorn(PBItems::BLKAPRICORN,2) and call script in page 2: pbApricornPlant

Do not forget to put the graphic from Apricorn, and change BLKAPRICORN by which you will be using.

and that is all!

By: Ran-Tuco

Nesesary Files: Files

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