Change the Game Intro Music to Audio of your choice
This tutorial was written by CallumariNZ. Please give credit.
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The default Game Intro music can be changed to a custom music file by doing some swapping and deleting.

The Game Intro includes the initial Pokémon Essentials credit screen and carries on until it reaches the Splash screen, so the new custom music you apply will play throughout this.

To change the default music, start by Finding the custom music file that you want to add (it can be in any common audio file format, such as mp3, wav, mid, ogg, etc) and rename it to 'Title.fileextension', with 'fileextension' as the audio file format. Make sure that the file extension remains and that 'Title' begins with a capital letter. Drag this audio file into the Audio/BGM folder and you're away!

To test this, run 'Game.exe' inside of your game directory instead of running the game from RPG Maker, as this activates debug mode and skips the intro screens.

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