Changing a region map mid-game
This tutorial is deprecated. It is no longer relevant to the latest version of Pokémon Essentials.

This tutorial was written by Maruno. Credit is not required.

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This tutorial has not yet been completed.

This tutorial describes how to change a region map's appearance part way through the game. For example, the Sinnoh games do this when displaying Shaymin's "Flower Paradise" and "Seabreak Path" routes, Newmoon Island and so on. This tutorial describes how to do the same thing - reveal a new location on the region map when it has been visited.

How to do it

To prevent a location's information from being displayed before it is unlocked, use a switch (see the article Region map). This switch will also be used to change the map's graphic.

To change the actual appearance of the region map (i.e. to physically add the paths), you will need to have a version of the region map for each possible combination of additions (if there are two locations you are adding, then you will need four map pictures: both invisible, one visible and one not (and vice versa), and both visible). You will then need to edit the script section PokemonRegionMap such that the region map graphic loaded depends not only on the region but also on which of the relevant switches are ON or OFF.

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