Changing the splash screen cry
This tutorial was written by LaDestitute. Please give credit.

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This is a tutorial for changing the Pokemon cry sound effect to a specific one that plays when you press the Enter key on the title splash screen.

The script

Open up RPG Maker XP's Script Editor and scroll down to the script that is named Scene_Intro. We will need to mainly edit just two lines of code, that's it.

The code snippet for the static Pokemon cry is:


Replace the "XXX" part with the national pokedex number of the Pokemon you desire. For example, if you want to use Bulbasaur's cry, you enter:


Or, say for example, you want to have Wynaut's cry instead, as Wynaut's national pokedex number is #360. Anyhow, let's get to actual work now.

Go to the line that is numbered 78, and replace the two following lines with your SE code snippet:

pbSEPlay(cry,100,100) if cry

Next, go to the line that is numbered 95 and do the same for the same two lines of code also there.

Then start up your game project (not a Playtest through the program, instead run the Game.exe in your project's folder), and press Enter on your title splash screen and there, you hear the cry sound effect of the Pokemon you choose.
"I choose you, Pokemon #-X!"

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