Don't lose money after losing a battle
This tutorial is deprecated. It is no longer relevant to the latest version of Pokémon Essentials.

This tutorial was written by -FL-. Please give credit.

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After losing a battle, you lose money, even if you create a battle that can be lost! This tutorial explains how to make a switch that, when it's ON, the player doesn't lose money when they lose a battle! I am going to use switch 50, but you can use any switch in this place. Remember to turn it off after the special battles or the player will never lose money when they lose a battle.

In PokeBattle_Battle, around line 870, insert the following highlighted code:

   moneylost*=multiplier[[8,self.pbPlayer.numbadges].min] if moneylost>
   moneylost=0 if $game_switches[50]

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