Forbid running in certain maps
This tutorial was written by Ran Tuco. Please give credit.

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This tutorial was inspired by the tutorial Making maps sloped for cycling.

No running indoors on maps pokemon centers, homes, gyms and more

This is to avoid running at places like pokemon centers, homes, gyms, and more. Add the following defs at the bottom of PokemonUtilities:

def interior?
  for map in maps
    return true if map == $game_map.map_id
  return false
def caminando
  slow = $RPGVX ? 4.5: 3.8
  normal = $RPGVX ? 6.5 : 4.8
  if interior?
    move_speed = slow
    move_speed = normal
  return move_speed

Change highlighted part to the map id(s) of your Interior.

In "Walk_Run" search in "def character_name" the following line:


and strike down this:

if interior?

Also, in the script section "Walk_Run", change the highlighted line:

elsif pbCanRun?
  @move_speed = caminando

And change the following in the script section "Walk_Run":

if meta[4] && meta[4]!="" && Input.dir4!=0 && passable?(@x,@y,Input.dir4) && pbCanRun?


if meta[4] && meta[4]!="" && Input.dir4!=0 && passable?(@x,@y,Input.dir4) && pbCanRun? && interior?

And that's all.

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