Friendship/Relationship System
This tutorial was written by TayuyaoftheSoundFour. Please give credit.

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This tutorial will tell you how to set up an easy to use Relationship/Friendship system with NPC's using only events.

Easy First Steps:

Step 1: Set up a variable for the NPC's relationship level: It doesn't have to be # 100 but I prefer to work backwards so I don't mess anything up in the earlier varables. 

Relationship Variable

Relationship Variable

Step 2: Set up your NPC event,  There isn't a real need for an explanation here.. so continuing on.

Step 3: Since you're reading this you probably hadn't et the Relationship Variable we created earlier to anything so the very first thing we need to do is set the Variable the second you talk to the NPC you wish to have a Relationship System..

Variable Setting

Setting the Relationship Variable

There are a couple things I'd like to point out about this so you stay in the loop:

  • 1. I have it set to 60 off the bat because I have a specific layout in which sixty is Positive Neutral. You don't have to start like that, in fact this system allows you to play with in many different ways: for example you can have soeone who is just very grumpy and isn't very nice in the beginning of the friendship/relationship. The sky is the limit. But back to business. 
  • 2.  You probably noticed the "Show Animation: Neutral" Well that's because I wanted to have a system that displays the standing of that character when you talk to them, but I'll get to that later if you want to use this method as well. Anyway, back to the actual tutorial.
Step 4: After you have set the desired emotional state for this interactive NPC you need to set up a conversation that changes how the NPC feels about the player, this is easily done using the control variable event command Like this: 
Relationship Changing COnversation

Relationship changing conversations

As you can see using the Show Choices command and the Control Variable Command, I have created a conversation that changes her the NPC Kiyuri's opinion of you. And Now on to more Advanced parts of this tutorial.

Advance Features:

1. It will be easier for the player to know how the NPC they are interacting with feels about them if you set up a simple dislay system like the on I metioned earlier. You can have an animation thought bubble appear over the NPC's head when they aren't being interacted with, or right before a conversation starts etc. They possibilities for this are endless since this is done using Variables!

2. Have the NPC do things for or to the player depending on how much the NPC Likes or Dislikes the Player: Example, at a certain level of like for the player the NPC might want to give the Player an item, or a Pokemn

3. You can make it so at certain levels the NPC can be asked to join up with the player as a dependent event and walk around with them and doing battles and such. If you really want to take this to the next level you can even transform that mechaninc in to taking the NPC on a date. 

4. Why not make it so if you battle an NPC that is fond of you, they won't take money from you and send you to a Pokecenter?

The sky is the limit! This systems use is primarily to make NPC's more enjoyable to talk to, NPCs that only stand in one place and say the same line everytime you talk to them can get stale. This is just a way to give a little bit of life in to the adventure. 

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