How to create sea currents
This tutorial was written by Swdfm. Please give credit.

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You can use any tileset you want, but I would likely use the "Outside Waterfall" tileset.

1) On PBTerrain, add the following to the first list:

	CurrentLeft	=	18
	CurrentUp	=	19
	CurrentRight	=	20
	CurrentDown	=	21

Obviously, if you already have those numbers on PBTerrain, then just start the numbers from the lowest possible number you can.

2) on def PBTerrain.isWater?(tag), before line

tag == PBTerrain::Waterfall


tag == PBTerrain::CurrentLeft ||
tag == PBTerrain::CurrentDown ||
tag == PBTerrain::CurrentUp ||
tag == PBTerrain::CurrentRight ||

3) on def PBTerrain.isPassableWater?(tag), before line

tag == PBTerrain::WaterfallCrest


tag == PBTerrain::CurrentLeft ||
tag == PBTerrain::CurrentDown ||
tag == PBTerrain::CurrentUp ||
tag == PBTerrain::CurrentRight ||

4) Before the final 'end' on the PBTerrain script page, put:

def PBTerrain.isLeft?(tag)
 return tag == PBTerrain::CurrentLeft

def PBTerrain.isRight?(tag)
 return tag == PBTerrain::CurrentRight

def PBTerrain.isUp?(tag)
 return tag == PBTerrain::CurrentUp

def PBTerrain.isDown?(tag)
 return tag == PBTerrain::CurrentDown

5) On Pfield_Field, after line:



#Current tiles
elsif event == $game.player && PBTerrain.isLeft?(currentTag)
event=$game_player if !event
elsif event == $game.player && PBTerrain.isRight?(currentTag)
event=$game_player if !event
elsif event == $game.player && PBTerrain.isUp?(currentTag)
event=$game_player if !event
elsif event == $game.player && PBTerrain.isDown?(currentTag)
event=$game_player if !event

6) Go into the Database in RPG Maker. On the Tileset Editor, for the Autotile Graphics, change four of them to:

Water current north

Water current west

Water current east

Water current south

7) Go to the Editor, and select the Terrain Tags option, for the water current tiles, assign the numbers that you assigned in part 1)

So, in this case, assign 18 to the west, 19 to the north, 20 to the east and 21 to the south

8) That's it! You should now have fully functioning current tiles in the game!

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