Introduction to Essentials
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This guide is a brief introduction to Pokémon Essentials, including an overview of the downloadable package's contents, functions, and instructions for playing Pokémon Essentials.

What is Pokémon Essentials?

Pokémon Essentials is nothing more than a game made in RMXP, which has been modified to look and work like a Pokémon game. Despite being referred to as a "kit", it is still just an RMXP game.

To make your own game, you're going to modify the Essentials game. The most obvious thing you're going to change are the maps, but you'll also change things like the Town Map, which Pokémon can be encountered where, and so forth. You may also change some of the graphics, if you don't like the ones that come with Essentials.

The folders

Folder Description
Main folder Contains the following files:
  • animmaker.exe - Program for converting sprite files into animations.
  • animmaker.txt - Instructions on how to use animmaker.exe.
  • Editor.exe - The External Editor, a program for editing some of the game's contents (mainly the PBS files).
  • Editor.ini - Settings file for Editor.exe. Leave this alone.
  • extendtext.exe - Tool that increases the size of the "Show Text" box and the "Script" box in events. To use it, just run extendtext.exe while RMXP is open.
  • extendtext.txt - Instructions on how to use extendtext.exe.
  • Game.exe - Run your game.
  • Game.ini - Settings file for your game. Leave this alone.
  • Game.rxproj - Opens your game in RMXP for editing.
  • gif.dll - A library that adds support for animated gifs.
  • knownpoint.bmp - Used by townmapgen.html.
  • Pokémon Essentials Wiki.html - Internet shortcut to the Pokémon Essentials Wiki.
  • RGSS102E.dll - RGSS library.
  • rubyscreen.dll -
  • selpoint.bmp - Used by townmapgen.html.
  • townmapgen.html - The Town Map Generator. Html tool that lets you fill in details for Town Maps. See below for instructions.
/Audio Contains all audio files and folders.
--> /Audio/BGM Contains all background music.
--> /Audio/BGS Contains all background sounds.
--> /Audio/ME Contains all music effects.
--> /Audio/SE Contains all sound effects, such as Pokémon cries and menu sounds.
/Data Contains all the compiled data for your game. Ignore this.
/Fonts Contains font files which are used in Pokémon Essentials. Your game should install them automatically if they aren't already.
/Graphics Contains all the pictures and graphics.
--> /Graphics/Animations Contains animation sheets for animations (usually attack animations).
--> /Graphics/Autotiles Contains all the autotiles, which appear at the top of tilesets in RMXP.
--> /Graphics/Battlebacks Contains all the background images for battles.
--> /Graphics/Battlers Contains all Pokémon sprites, front and back. A sprite's number is the National Dex number of a species.
--> /Graphics/Characters Contains all charsets (graphics showing NPCs and items to be placed in maps). Also contains sprites for trainers.
--> /Graphics/Fogs Contains graphics used for particle effects, and all fog overlay images.
--> /Graphics/Gameovers Ignore this - Pokémon games don't have Game Overs.
--> /Graphics/Icons Contains all Pokémon icons and item icons, plus icons for each Bag pocket to be used in messages. Also contains a folder with Pokémon footprints.
--> /Graphics/Panoramas Contains panorama pictures. Panoramas are an RMXP feature, but Pokémon games typically don't have them.
--> /Graphics/Pictures Contains many miscellaneous pictures which don't belong elsewhere.
--> /Graphics/Tilesets Contains all tilesets, which are collections of 32x32 pixel tiles used to create maps.
--> /Graphics/Titles Contains screens used in the game intro and credits.
--> /Graphics/Transitions Contains all graphics that can be used to fade the screen to black before a battle.
--> /Graphics/Windowskins Contains all the styles of message window. They are resized as appropriate during the game.
/PBS Contains txt files which define many things used in your game, e.g. Pokémon species, items, trainers. All files in this folder are known as PBS files.

Town Map Generator

Main article: Region map

As mentioned in the table above, the Town Map Generator lets you fill in areas of a Town Map with information (e.g. place names, Fly destinations). To start, open "townmapgen.html" in an Internet browser (you don't need an Internet connection for this).

See the article Region map for an explanation of how to use the Town Map Generator.

Playing Pokémon Essentials

You can play Pokémon Essentials by running Game.exe. This is exactly how players will play it.

Pokémon Essentials comes with a set of pre-made maps arranged in a little region; these are the example maps. Within these example maps are examples of many different features a game can have, such as choosing a starter, planting berries, battling trainers, and so on. These examples are very useful for finding out how things work, and you can easily copy them into your own maps.

Game Properties

At any point while playing Pokémon Essentials (or your game, which will just be a modification of it), you can press F1 to open the "Game Properties" menu. The table below describes the settings in this menu.

You will typically never need to bother with this.

Tab Description
General Turn on and off various settings:
  • Smooth Mode - Should usually always be ticked.
  • Reduce Screen Flickering -
  • Play BGM and ME - Whether music should be played.
  • Play BGS and SE - Whether sound effects should be played.
Gamepad Button configuration for gamepads. The letters you can choose from are the same as the buttons on a GameBoy, and do the same things.
Keyboard Key configuration for keyboards. For each of a selection of keys on your keyboard, you can assign it a letter corresponding to a GameBoy button.

See the article Controls for what each button/keyboard key is set up to do.

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