Make nest indicator equals in map points with same name
This tutorial is deprecated. It is no longer relevant to the latest version of Pokémon Essentials.

This tutorial was written by -FL-. Please give credit.

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This tutorial explains how to make the nest indicator equals in map points with same name, useful when you have an location that have multiples points on Town Map.

In PokemonNestAndForm change 's.x=point[1]*16-2' to 's.x=point[1]*16'.

Change 's.y=point[2]*16-2' to 's.y=point[2]*16'.

Change ',22)' to ",16)".

After line 'points.push(mappos) if mappos && mappos[0]==region' put 'getSameNameMaps(mappos, points, region)'.

Before line 'def pbUpdate' put:

 def getSameNameMaps(mappos, points, region)
   if mappos
     for loc in @mapdata[region][2]
       currentname=loc[2] if loc[0]==mappos[1] && loc[1]==mappos[2]
     for loc in @mapdata[region][2]
       points.push([region,loc[0],loc[1]]) if (currentname!="" && 
           loc[2]==currentname && !(loc[0]==mappos[1] && loc[1]==mappos[2])) 

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