Making maps sloped for cycling
This tutorial was written by Sichlor. Please give credit.

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Cycling Road

Cycling Road

A Cycling Road has two main characteristics:
  1. It changes the movement speed depending on the players direction:
    - DOWN -> fast
    - UP -> slow (only GEN I-III)
    - LEFT/RIGHT -> normal
  2. It forces the player to move down, unless the latter is manually moving into another direction or holding "B" (X on the Keyboard).

Determining whether the player is on a Cycling Road

Add the following def into a script section of your choice (for example PokemonUtilities):

def onCyclingRoad?
  for map in maps
    return true if map == $game_map.map_id
  return false

Change highlighted part to the map id(s) of your Cycling Road.

Changing the movement speed

Now we need to write a def which changes the movement speed accordingly. Add the following def right below the first one:

def bikespeed
  slow =   $RPGVX ? 4.5: 3.8
  normal = $RPGVX ? 8.0: 5.2
  fast =   $RPGVX ? 8.5: 5.4
  if onCyclingRoad?
    dir= $game_player.direction
    if dir==2
     move_speed = fast
    elsif dir==8
     move_speed = slow
     move_speed = normal
    move_speed = normal
  return move_speed

Also, in the script section "Walk_Run", change the highlighted line:

 if $PokemonGlobal.bicycle
  @move_speed = bikespeed

You can modify the given speeds in "bikespeed" as you wish.

If you want to imitate GEN IV games, you might want to remove the speed reduction while moving up and put "normal" instead of "slow" at the line in question.

Note that the red value concerns RPG MAKER VX, while the blue value concerns RPG MAKER XP.

Forcing the player to move down

Next, we need to force the player to move down. This can be achieved by adding the yellow piece of code to the def "update" in the script section "Game_Player":

# force down if on CYCLINGROAD
if onCyclingRoad?
 dir=2 if dir==0 && ! #[X] holds position

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