Making the PC screen go on when you use it
This tutorial was written by Swdfm. Please give credit.

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This tutorial shows you how to add a feature to the PC events which show that the screen turns on, like in the original games.

This CAN be done in paint, but be careful about which files you save, as you could lose transparency.

  1. Firstly, go into Graphics/Tilesets and look for the Pokemon Center tileset and open it in a Graphics program. At co-ordinates 192,1024 is the PC as it looks normally. Select a 32x32 size square, and copy.
  2. Then, create a 128x128 image in a graphics program and save it with a name of your choosing in Graphics/Characters. Paste the image into the top left corner of the canvas.
  3. Go back to the tileset, and directly right of where you originally copied is a picture of the PC with the screen on, conveniently there for us, but not actually used. Select the 32x32 square of there (top left co-ordinates are 224,1024).
  4. Go back to the 128x128 image and paste the second copied image DIRECTLY UNDERNEATH the original image(so co-ordinates would be 0,32)
  5. Save the 128x128 image. If you are using paint, DO NOT save the Tileset picture.
  6. Go into the PC Event pages. Before the one line:

add a Set Move Route for This event to turn left

Add then after the script line:

add a Set Move Route for This event to turn right

7. Finally, change the graphic in the event page of the PC to be that of the 128x128 image.

Done! You should now have the PC screen be on while you are using it.

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