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This tutorial was written by Hollowego. Credit is not required.

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When is this script usefull?

If you have more than three starters the player can choose and want to refer to the chosen Pokemon in a dialog (for example have Prof. Oak say "Oh you chose [starter name]").

Why do you need this script?

You can't just store the name of the Pokemon in a regular Global Variabel and call it with \V[42]. Storing the name this way would crash the game as soons as you transfer to another map (I tried that). Creating a huge Conditional Branch is no good solution either. It might do it if you only have like three different Pokemon, but imagine having ten or even 18. That would result in a Coditional Branch a few hundred lines (basically six lines for EVERY Pokemon just for the empty Conditional Branch; plus the text lines).

Why you don't need this

If you don't want to store text information and call it whenever you like.

The disadvantage is, that you have to set it up. But you can use it for different purposes as well, like remembering an Item, a rank, a title based on a choice, etc.

#Starter Name Organizer (SNO)- by Hollowego - Credits will be appreciated but aren't neccessary
#This script will help you store the information about your starter pokemons name.
#You can use that information later in game, for example to have someone
#refering to your starter. To display the name put "\SN" (without "") in
#the show text field. It works just like "\PN" for the player name.
#To get this to work
#Add this script above Main.
#In the script section "Message" under the line
#"text.gsub!(/\\1/,"\1")" (around line 1309)
#text.gsub!(/\\[Ss][Nn]/,"#{$starter}") #Replaces \SN with the Name of your Starter
#When setting the number for the starter choice in the event
#add the following AFTER you setting the starter choice
#This command is neccessary to do the storing.
#You can put this command in a seperate event as well (especially if you already
#set up all your starters) just make sure it doesen't run before you set the
#variable for the starter choice
##{$starter} is the variable that \SN will be replaced with
#$starter is the name of the variable that stores the name
#$starter="none" defines the default name if no Pokemon was choosen yet
#if $game_variables[7]==0 checks the Global Variable 7, which
#by Pokemon Essentials default is the variable for the starterchoice
#$starter="Happiny" sets the stored information, to change what is stored
#just replace the name, but leave the ""
def pbstarter
if $game_variables[7]==0

elsif $game_variables[7]==1

elsif $game_variables[7]==2

elsif $game_variables[7]==3

elsif $game_variables[7]==4

elsif $game_variables[7]==5

elsif $game_variables[7]==6

elsif $game_variables[7]==7

elsif $game_variables[7]==8

elsif $game_variables[7]==9

elsif $game_variables[7]==10

elsif $game_variables[7]==11

elsif $game_variables[7]==12

elsif $game_variables[7]==13

elsif $game_variables[7]==14

elsif $game_variables[7]==15

elsif $game_variables[7]==16

elsif $game_variables[7]==17

else $game_variables[7]==18



PS: Maybe I'm thinking too complicated

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