More player characters using a game variable
This tutorial was written by Polectron. Please give credit.
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Modified player

In this tutorial we will see how to have as many different players as you want by only updating a variable.


For this mod we need:

  • A variable i.e: Variable 105
  • The character sprites for walking and running


This a very simple mod, you only need to edit a few lines of code.

First search for this lines in the section Walk_Run, near line 48:

          # Display running character sprite
          # Display normal character sprite 

Now we are going to replace them with this other lines:

# Display running character sprite
          chrval = $game_variables[105]
          @character_name= chrval.to_s+"r" 
          # Display normal character sprite 
          chrval = $game_variables[105]
          @character_name= chrval.to_s+"n"

Now, change the intro script:

Search for this lines:

script: pbChangePlayer(0)

script: pbChangePlayer(1)

And replace them with this:

script: pbChangePlayer(0) 
script: $game_variables[105] = 0

script: pbChangePlayer(1) 
script: $game_variables[105] = 1

In the next revision of this mod I will include also the modification for the trainer sprite and the sprites for diving and cycling.


For changing between trainers we need to update the variable's value i.e: trainer number: 1, variable value :1

When using this mod, you need the following files (replace X with the variable's value):

  • Walking: Xn.png i.e: 1n.png
  • Runnig: Xr.png i.e: 1r.png

Save this files in the same folder as standard characters.


Honey bun


To use this mod just create an event that changes the selected variable:

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