Override the weather of a set of maps
This tutorial was written by -FL-. Please give credit.

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This tutorial explains how to override the weather of a set of maps when a certain variable have a certain value. In PokemonField, change the line 'if weather && rand(100)<weather[1]' to:

weatherVariable=75 # Variable that control the weather numbers
mapsIDs=[70,71,73] # Map affected numbers
if pbGet(weatherVariable)>0 && mapsIDs.include?($game_map.map_id)
elsif weather && rand(100)<weather[1]

With these default values, while you have the value 2 (Storm number in weather codes) in variable 75, the maps 70, 71 and 73 have 100% chance of having storm weather. You should also set the "Weather" metadata for all those maps, even if they won't normally have weather (i.e. the probability is 0).

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