Using more music formats
This tutorial was written by -Wacko-. Please give credit.
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The advantages of using OGGs are mainly that the file size is less than when using an MP3; RMXP supports them natively but it's only partial support and they need to be fully loaded first, which takes a long time for OGGs with big file sizes.

Also, the added IT/XM/MOD/S3M means you can take just about any tracker tune you want and use it in your game.

To use this in your game, you have to give the appropriate credits to Kevin Gadd who made the script; don't bother crediting me :)

  1. Download this dll and put it in the folder with your game.exe
  2. Open your Pokémon Essentials rxproj, go to the scripts editor.
  3. Paste this script below the 'Audio' script, click OK.
  4. Save.

Your game now has full support for ogg, aac, it, xm, mod, s3m. If you need to convert mp3s into oggs, there's a freeware converter here .

Using oggs should put your game size down a bit (if you used MP3s before) and the option to use tracker music is there if you want to.

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