This page lists various tutorials and guides for Pokémon Essentials.

Some tutorials ask for credit to be given if you use them; some do not.

Note that these tutorials may be out of date, and refer to script sections/code/files that no longer exist or have been changed/renamed/moved.


A guide is an explanation of how to use something in Essentials, or how to achieve a particular effect.

Guide Description
Introduction to Essentials Explains the files that come in Essentials, and the RMXP game properties.
How to use Essentials Tips on learning how to use Essentials, and things you should do during development.
Releasing your game A guide to when you should produce game demos, and instructions on how to turn your project into a playable game.
How to upgrade your game Instructions on how to best upgrade your game to a newer version of Essentials.
Creating a new Game INCOMPLETE. A lengthy guide on how to recreate the first few areas in Pokémon Fire Red.
Starting with Pokémon Essentials (Italian Tutorial)-1
Starting with Pokémon Essentials (Italian Tutorial)-2

Additional features

These tutorials show how to add extra features to Essentials. They usually involve script modifications, and usually require credit to be given to the author.

Tutorial Description
Adding a new terrain tag for wild encounters Add a new terrain tag, and a wild encounter method that uses it.
Adding new move effects outside battle General guidance on how to add new overworld effects for moves.
Changing encounters mid-game Toggle between different wild encounter data mid-game.
Changing the signpost windowskin Making the Location Signpost window in the top-left corner look pretty.
Disallow running in certain places Create a new map metadata which prevents the player running on that map.
Emerald-Style Exit Arrows Create simple exit arrows in the style of RSE.
Forbid running in certain maps Prevent the player from running in certain maps.
How to create sea currents A nice simple tutorial for how to create sea currents like in the mainstream games.
Making maps sloped for cycling Make a player cycling on certain maps behave like the map is sloped down southward.
Override the weather of a set of maps Temporarily override the default weather for certain maps.
Simple HUD Optimized Display a basic HUD in the overworld which shows the player's party. Supersedes Simple HUD.
Speech bubbles Add speech bubble text boxes.
Television broadcasts Make an event which displays simple messages at random.

Tutorial Description
Adding ghosts Add wild Pokémon-like ghost opponents that can't be attacked.
Adding Team Preview between pokémon switches Show the opponent's party balls each time they send in a new Pokémon.
Animating battle sprites Make two-frame animations for Pokémon that play only when they enter battle.
Better one frame trainer backsprite animation Animation tweak for when the player's back sprite only has a one-frame graphic.
Last Pokémon message and BGM
Last sent out pokemon BGM
Temporarily disable exp gain Temporarily disable Pokémon gaining Experience points in battle.
VS. animation for event Pokémon encounters Add a new Vs. animation for use when battling certain event encounter Pokémon.

Tutorial Description
Auto-position backsprite on demand Vertically position Pokémon back sprites automatically, rather than rely on the BattlePlayerY property in "pokemon.txt".
Changing the exp per step for the daycare Change how many Experience points Pokémon in the Day Care gain per per step.
Creating methods similar to the "Masuda" method Change the probability of a Day Care egg being shiny depending on some factor.
Edit TMs in pokemon.txt Add TM compatibility data to "pokemon.txt".
Form change depending on real-world location Make a Pokémon's form depend on the player's real world location.
Random Egg Generator Give the player an egg containing a random Pokémon that can be in an egg, optionally of a specific type.
Rotate party keys Add controls which switch party Pokémon around while in the overworld. Recommended to use with a HUD script, e.g. Simple HUD Fixed.
Weighted Egg Generator Give the player an egg containing a random Pokémon from a list, optionally weighted by tiers.

Tutorial Description
Apricorn Plant and Time System A copy of the berry plant scripts for apricorns.
Evolution stone that activates trade evolution Add a new evolution stone-like item which can evolve Pokémon with trade-related evolution methods.
Register multiple items at once Add two more controls to which items can be registered.
Storage Checker item Add a new item which displays the PC storage, optionally not letting the player move any Pokémon with it.
Turn HM moves to items Make new items with the same overworld effects as certain moves (e.g. Surf, Cut).

Tutorial Description
Adding in Poke Mart purchase sound effects Add a sound that plays when the player purchases an item from the Poké Mart.
Adding more borders on Options Screen
Adding themes to the Pokegear Adds theming to the main Pokégear screen.
Advanced Pokédex Add another page to the Pokédex entries which lists lots more information about the species.
Allowing Pokemon to learn moves from a former evolution Add a way to allow Pokémon to learn moves from former evolutions on the Move Relearner screen.
Berry number in bag Add the berry number to the names of berries in the Bag.
Change the Game Intro Music to Audio of your choice
Changing the splash screen cry
Family Tree Add another page to the Pokémon summary screens which displays the Pokémon's parents and grandparents.
How to put music on the continue screen
Improving Pokégear Radio Various ways to change the functionality of the Jukebox Pokégear app.
Inputting A Password How to add a simple password that the player needs to type for an event.
TM shop with compatible icons Add a variant of the Pokémon Mart screen that shows which party Pokémon are compatible with each TM in stock.
View IV/EV on Pokemon Summary Add another page to the Pokémon summary screens which displays the Pokémon's IV and EV numbers.
Watch in the Pokégear screen Add a digital clock to the main Pokégear screen.

Tutorial Description
Character Selection A new screen in which the player can choose a character from a list.
Diploma Add a diploma screen (simply text on a background).
One screen Day-Care Checker item Add a screen which displays Pokémon in the Day Care, along with a new item which displays it.
Pokémon Selection Select a certain number of Pokémon in your party, optionally in a particular order.
Set the Controls Screen Allow the player to fully configure their controls.
Show species introdution Show a box on-screen with a picture of a Pokémon in it, and text below stating its name and Pokédex kind.
Wall Clock Add a new screen which displays an analogue clock.

Tutorial Description
Adding autosave Add an autosave feature.
Adding in a new type Add a new type (example is Fairy), and give it to Pokémon/moves.
Adding in missing sound effects
Adding more player characters Add more player characters.
Altering Player Character Sprites Guide on how to edit graphics, with emphasis on player character graphics.
Bank System
Configuring your project to work with git (or other CVS) Make a game project compatible with a versioning system such as CVS (Concurrent Versions System).
Difficult Modes Add multiple difficulty modes, which alter trainers' Pokémon teams/levels and money gained from them.
Dual screen and touch screen Code that enables the use of a dual screen and mouse support, and instructions on how to make a mouse-clickable button.
Friendship/Relationship System
Game Over
Importing and Exporting all animations in a specific order
Making the PC screen go on when you use it A guide to show you how to add a feature to the PC events which show that the screen turns on, like in the original games.
More player characters options at game start A guide to adding a new player character and allowing it to be selectable during the Professor's lecture.
More player characters using a game variable INCOMPLETE. Make the player's appearance depend on a Game Variable rather than their player character.
Multiple Protagonists A guide on how to do Multiple Protagonists in a single game, and why it's harder than you might think.
Simple version check
Unreal time system
Using more music formats

Deprecated tutorials

The tutorials below are no longer relevant to the latest version of Essentials. This is usually because Essentials already contains the functionality described in these tutorials.

Deprecated tutorials Description
Adding abilities that affect egg steps
Adding Additional Resolution Options Add the XL screen size option.
Adding Additional Text Speed Options
Adding an icon for player's position in map
Adding different egg graphics
Adding Dream World abilities
Adding gen IV incenses
"Already caught" icon in battle
Border option
Building better bridges
Changing a region map mid-game
Don't lose money after losing a battle
Easily choose an item from the Bag
Editing the battle command menu
Fixing the fishing graphics
HgSs run activation
Hiding nest areas for unvisited secret locations
Implementing Trick Room and Wonder Room
Make nest indicator equals in map points with same name
Making one map have a 100% chance of generating shiny Pokémon
Mystery Gift
Orange hand while acessing pokémon boxes Add a way to more quickly move Pokémon around in PC storage.
Resizing the screen
Run anywhere
Simple HUD Display a basic HUD in the overworld which shows the player's party. Superseded by Simple HUD Optimized.
Simple HUD Fixed Display a basic HUD in the overworld which shows the player's party. Superseded by Simple HUD Optimized.
Vs Sequence (Script By Luka S.J)

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