• Devex3

    Hello again.

    I am looking for betatesters of my game so far. I've got it up to its second gym, almost third, and looking for some help. There is little in the way of a storyline so far, but a couple of moments which are laying down the basis of the storyline... Anyway, thanks a lot!

    Done (or done apart from adding wild pokémon):

    Routes 1-5, Dos Cave and Tanis Forest, Slate Cave

    Reho Town, Dos Town, Ironstead, Duskring City, Frostbreak

    March Corporation, Mason Industries.

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  • Devex3

    New pokémon game

    December 20, 2011 by Devex3

    I'm starting create my own pokémon game, and I might as well start posting some information on here about it, and see if anyone has any thoughts. It'll be my first real project on rmxp and using poccil's tool. If anyone has any info/help, then it'd be great.

    So far, I've done it up to the first gym. You are a new pokémon adventurer, fresh from Pokémon academy, on your journey in the Ehime region. There, you meet Team Rocket and Team ____ (stuck between two names), two rival teams each bent on destroying the other to make themselves the most powerful in Ehime, but things aren't as they seem... (cliché was necessary). You shall hold the fate in your hands (cliché again was necessary) as the business world and pokéworld become inescapably intw…

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