• Eistiger



    I - Intro
    It's 10:00 clock in the morning in 2014. You will awake and look at your alarm clock and scream: "I have overslept! Damn No, not today!" Quickly you pull around and sprint down and get out of your house. "HEY, you know what day it is?" someone shouts from afar. It's your neighbor. What does he want? He want's to remember you that today is an important day and you've overslept. As if you did not know that yourself. But he also shows you his first Pokemon. But now very quickly to Professor Moon. You finally want one too. Hopefully he still has one.

    II - What is this game about?

    You live in Pallettown in Kanto and want to be the greatest Pokemon Master of the World. During the time you walking through Kanto you will see that thi…

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