I - Intro
It's 10:00 clock in the morning in 2014. You will awake and look at your alarm clock and scream: "I have overslept! Damn No, not today!" Quickly you pull around and sprint down and get out of your house. "HEY, you know what day it is?" someone shouts from afar. It's your neighbor. What does he want? He want's to remember you that today is an important day and you've overslept. As if you did not know that yourself. But he also shows you his first Pokemon. But now very quickly to Professor Moon. You finally want one too. Hopefully he still has one.

II - What is this game about?

You live in Pallettown in Kanto and want to be the greatest Pokemon Master of the World. During the time you walking through Kanto you will see that this wont be possible. You will play a much larger role. Go on a travel through the time. Travel to the past and to the future. You gonna meet a mysterious person which gives you the Chronokey and ask you to hunt special Pokemon DNA. While you travel through time you you will experience the legend of Mewtwo from what your Mother told you.

III. Fe'atures

• Visit the Past, Present and Future
[3][4] • Meet Team Sun & help Team Rocket (seriously they changed )
• Compete in not less then 9 Regions and experience the changes due the times

Explore the ways of Mewtwo

Finish quests to get through the story
Collect Pokemon DNA
Collect over 650 Pokemon - See over 1000
Experience the creation of two human made Pokemon
Play as every Hero who was aviable through Pokemon Game Time.
III_1 Features Region and Story

Kanto will be playable in Firered/Leafgreen Style 90% like original. Other Areas will be aviable to visit through the story. The Story will take you out of FR/LG Area and continue somewhere else and if you finished it you will be able to continue your run through FR/LG. That should be an extra training for your Pokemon too.
But, till you fighted and win against the TOP 6 you wont be able to catch Pokemon from other Generations. Only from Generation 1. You wont be able to catch every Pokemon. Many of them you can only get as quest or in a hidden place. (not the hidden places from BW2) Example:
After you won against Misty, [...] you will be able to teleport in the year 1996 and catch a special Pokemon DNA. That depends on the Enemie you choosed before. So you can choose to fight against Tauros, Arbok or Nidoking. So for example you choose Nidoking and win you gonna get a Pokemonegg with Nidoran (M) inside. The other 2 you gonna get from past through Pokemon DNA.
Example Gastly:
You will be able to catch Gastly but it wont evolve. Why?
Haunter is a special Pokemon which you get after fight against Andy. (after you get the 3rd Badge)

You wont be able to catch Legendarys like in original Games.
There will be some quests to do and if you found the Legendary Hunter after finishing the quests you are able to fight against them and there legendarys.
If you win, you will get a Pokemon Egg with a Lv. 5 Legendary (the 1 you fighted) inside.
'III_2 Features Past, Present & Future
'''' '''' You will see that the areas change while you travel through time.
For example we have here Pewter City.
You travel many years through the time. Pokemon change. So why not the Cities and Routes?
'''''''''''''[8]'''''''''''''[9]'''''''''''''[10]'''' ''''
What could this be? Why is it there?
The Trainer Headquarters Building is done.
The Museum is finaly open.
Why is the Gym closed? Hm...
Your Mission? Find an answer on the Question: What happened here?
IV. Screenshots and Videos
Test Normal battle
Test Double Battle
Event Test - Pewter City
Beta Run / Bug Search|Fix - 2x Speed
Choose Character Test
IV. Screenshots 0.1

'V - 'Miscellaneous*
Game Name will be changed You will not be able to visit the whole regions. Only some towns and routes. (Event and Story) See a Pokemon somewhere? Talk to it. It will get as seen in your Pokedex. Special Pokemon have animated sprites
VI. Credits'

I dont write down which files i use when found.

If you see something that is made by you and you want to claim your  
credits dont answer with "YOU STOLE IT" "GIVE ****ING CREDITS A**HOLE". 
 Just message me via Forum PM and i gonna add your Name in Credits if 
you  can prove that its made by you.

But mostly i dont steal it. Mostly everything is made by Gamefreak. Everything else i gonna credit.


Thanks for understand

Using the following things for this game:


RPG Maker XP

Various ressource from Pokecommunity (if you see 1 from you just PM me)

Pokemon essentials by poccil and Maruno

Additional resolution options by HighTechnocrat

Animated Battle sprites by Luka S.J. 

Move Pokemon to Box silently by 'Nickalooose

'B/W Loading Screen by' carmaniac

'Simple HUD by' -FL-

'Animated Title Screen by'Rayd12smitty'

Thanks for this!
VII. Hire
Im looking for someone who can overlook my text for gramaticle errors. PM me please. (Need to have skype)
Translator: any language
Story Idea Help
VII_1. Team

VIII - End QUESTIONS? Just ask!


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