• Esteban2000

    Hi there,

    I'm having some issues with my partner in my game. I did this:

    pbRegisterPartner(PBTrainers::POKEMONTRAINER_Orchedy,"Orchedy",2) pbAddDependency2(@event_id,"Or",7)

    The first part of the script works fine. But the problem is the second part. When I enter another map & talk to my partner, I get this error:

    Exception: NoMethodError Message: undefined method `unlock' for nil:NilClass Interpreter:512:in `command_end' Interpreter:295:in `execute_command' Interpreter:193:in `update' Interpreter:106:in `loop' Interpreter:198:in `update' Scene_Map:103:in `update' Scene_Map:101:in `loop' Scene_Map:114:in `update' Scene_Map:68:in `main' Scene_Map:65:in `loop'

    Is there anyone who knows how to fix this error? I've seen other games in which this wa…

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