• Lachsington

    IV/EV And Fakemons

    November 30, 2014 by Lachsington

    Hello Everyone ,

    at the moment i'm creating my game called Pokemon Icy Blue. I'm just at the beginning before the first Badge so it will take some time. Now to my questions.

    First : How do I implement the Pokemons IV and Ev in the Pokemon summary? I looked it up here on the Forum but it didn't worked for me i get syntex errors all the time and i don't know how to fix it.

    Second: Is there any graphic designer out here that might want to work together with me? Like creating some Fakemon ? It doesn't have to be so many , just a few. Of course he will be named in the game with his own character and in the credits.

    Last but not least i have a problem with the following : Page one of the event.Page two of the event.

    I want to make that women and all …

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