Pokemon Celestial and Pokemon Gene.

Pokemon Celestial

Pokemon Celestial will cover multiple regions such as Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, the various islands, etc, and 1 or 2 of my own creation. The main theme of the game is "Sun and Moon" heavenly bodies, and the four elements.

I intend of including as many characters from the pokemon universe as possible, and combine the various "Versions" of the characters into one. For example Ash Ketchum, Red (from Pokemon Adventures/Special), and Red from the games, into one character. Character names will be based from the English sources (So no Satoshi), but color names will be based of the Japanese sources. For example Gary is Green, not Blue.

Blue the female protaganist from the manga will be known as Blue not Leaf. Leaf is a fan-name.

There will be no fakemon in Pokemon Celestial.

There will (hopefully) be multiple minigames and plenty of side-quests to keep the player busy. A triple triad like card game was planned and with a triple triad game already made this is almost certain to make it in! Credit will be given to creator(s) apon completion of adding the minigame and acceptance of permission to use.

There are currently no plans for Online support or multiplayer. You will be able to get all pokemon in the game, and multiple of the same starters without the use of a ditto. Legendaries will still be 1 of a kind however. The shiny rate will also be increased.

A couple of other numerous changes to the gameplay will be made. For example, Flareon will gain attacks to make it more useful, new attacks, Metronome exclusive attacks, new abilities, etc.

Original Idea created sometime in 2006, but have been unable to work on it much.

Pokemon Gene

Rather than a traditional "Gotta catch them all" become the champion pokemon game, it will be a more darker toned story driven game, much like Pokemon Collisium.

The main characters name is "Fei"

There will be fakemon, kinda. There will be genetically modified pokemon in this game. As such there will be many new opponents. You will not be able to use these "Genics" only normal pokemon.

There are no plans for Online support or multiplayer.

Original Idea created sometime in 2008, but has not gotten far.

These games have been in developmental hell for the past 2 years and have been scrapped and redone numerous times with many engines. This one seems promising, :D

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